Prototyping in a Connected Environment

can also make you a born again Shuo Huang is in anger, self confident he entered frustrated in front after, plus the original Luo Ying, it made him more upset, so do not hesitate to Took out his father just to his heaven and earth cross, only to start, not to attack, it was array method shells out. You are damn Shuo Huang heart suddenly burst into the darkness of the hostility, a pair of eyes is issued dark red light, but before he attack, with him to a middle aged man to his side, a.Hand arrived in his chest, red flash, Shuohuang eyes Yinhen began to dissipate, only for a time, the whole person is completely changed, although the CompTIA Certification appearance is still as embarrassed, but the eyes are restored The original self confidence and arrogance. Shuo Huang nod to middle aged man beside the point, Luo Ying flew next to hand over said Juniors limited self control, commit such a low level error, please forgive me seniors Well, CASP white leaf burden unlock the back, on the floor, holding a wooden sword Lin, face flatly entered A halo in the body stuck in before he looked back Shuohuang one, I saw that Shuohuang smiling face to his mouth slightly open, waste word clearly passed into the white leaves of the ears , White leaves fist fierce a CASP it exam tight, the body will be fully into the battle formation. One into the array, the eyes is a vast expanse of white, not only not around the direction of even the upper a.nd lower no distinction, people feel only floating, I do not know where the body.

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CAS-002 CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) CompTIA CASP